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Image by: Fabian, Renee. The History of Inhumane Mental Health Treatments. Talk Space, Contributor. July 31, 2017.

We learned many things about schizophrenia and its treatments in the course FIQWS 10008. There were many varieties of treatment options and the image above is one of them. Which is a practice where there would be an iron rod that is stuck into one’s eye to “cure” their mental disorder by removing parts of the brain. Us learning of such things shows us just how recently the medical practices changed. That not too long ago these practices were still going on, which brings more awareness to this topic that occurred in American history.



Image from: Eich, Natalie. The Yellow Wallpaper, Thinklink. 2014

In my exploratory essay, I first started off with the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” because it dealt a lot with mental disorder and hallucinations. Which tied into the course. People who suffered from schizophrenia hallucinated their surroundings. Which just like the character in “Yellow Wallpaper” who believed there was a trapped woman behind the wallpaper that she desperately tried to save.

Image from: Bordea, Adriana,  The 546 best Schizophrenia Images. Collection by PsychophreniaHQ, Pinterest.

Throughout the course, we learned a lot about schizophrenia. The image above shows how a schizophrenic has so many voices in their heads that are not always pleasant. Each of the voices could be saying different things, from good to bad.


Image from: Collection by PsychophreniaHQ, The 546 best Schizophrenia Images.

This image is a comparison to the asylums and hospitals in the past. Where people of all different backgrounds and different illnesses are all group together in one place. Then given the same treatment options despite being a physical wound or a mental illness.